On Decks: St.Jordan

St.JordanResident DJ

St.Jordan is the man behind Caldera Booth as Resident DJ.

His avocation with local nightlife begun in 1991.From then till nowdays he had
numerous of residencies around the region of Katerini but his milestone & most importand
was the collaboration with “Caldera Bar” which started in 2003 & continues till today!His big love were the “radio days”as he says,where he involved for nearly 10 years from the mid 90’s till 2006,with daily shows at the most famous local radio stations.Some of them are: Boss.97, Power Fm, Trak Fm & Heat Fm!
In 2014 he returned to his favourite radio involvement with 2 weekly one-hour shows,where he’s mixing
indie/nu-disco & deep house tracks for 2* radio stations…
*Extreme Radio (every Wednesday at 20:00)
*Viva 88.3 (every Friday at 23:00)
2014 & 2015 are two very importand years for his route because he has played & been invited to some of the hottest festivals and venues around northern greece. Some are:
Nestorio River Party (Kastoria)
Muzik Fx Festival (Block33 Thessaloniki)
Party People Festival (Kastoria)
Gold Club (Paralia,Katerini) a/w Supernova
The Real Rock’N’rolla (Thessaloniki)
Zucca (Thessaloniki)
Navagos (Halkidiki)
40 Bar (Volos)
His musical style dives through many genres,mostly electronic,but his love for Disco is inalterable!
House music is what makes him happy & the past years he has shared the dj booth with some
of Greece’s most talented dj’s & producers such as: Antonio, Junior Pappa, Thodoris Triantafillou, Cj Jeff, Mihalis Safras, Argy, Elias Tzikas, Freespirit, Consoul Trainin, Paul Anthonee, Skinny, Steve Kis, George R, Chris Madem, George Tsilipakos and many more!Model artists,bands & icon deejays that have influenced his style are: Georgio Moroder, Jestofunk, Norman Cook, Moby, Primal Scream,Jamiroquai, Frankie Knuckles, Francois K, Dj Meme, Carl Cox, Eric Kupper, Sandy Rivera, Dj Spen, Tony Humphries & David Morales

“The Double $ Task” is his latest project for the summer of 2015 were he has teamed up with <<Dj “S”>>,a member of the famous duo “Senior Citizens”!

You can find Stathis…
on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/stjordan
on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/stjordan

Contact/mail: [email protected]

On Decks: Bill Rountos

Bill Rountos
Bill RountosResident DJ

Bill Roudos is a new face behind Caldera Booth as Resident DJ.

Ο Βασίλης είναι το νέο πρόσωπο στα decks του Caldera Bar και όταν λέμε νέο το
εννοούμε.Γεννημένος το 1990 έχει κάθε δικαίωμα να υποστηρίζει οτι είναι
λάτρης των 90’s και όχι μόνο.Το ηχοχρωμα του είναι σαν το ουράνιο τόξο,πολλά
χρώματα πολλές μουσικές.
Η ενασχόληση του ξεκίνησε απο τα πολύ παιδικά του χρόνια έχωντας ηχογραφήσει
τις δικές του εκπομπές σε κασσέτες..ναι αυτές που γυρίζαμε με το στυλό.Τα
όνειρα του έλαβαν σάρκα και οστά όταν ασχολήθηκε ενεργά στα 16 του έχωντας τη
δική του ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή ενώ παράλληλα εξασκούσε τις έννοιες των
loop,cue,bpm κ.α.
Είχε την τιμή να εργαστεί σε αρκετά τοπικά bars & clubs κάνωντας βήμα βήμα
τα όνειρα του πραγματικότητα…Ένα απο αυτά είναι και το Caldera Bar που
πλέον τον συναντάμε ως Resident dj ενώ ταυτόχρονα κάθε Τετάρτη παραμένει
πιστός στις εκπομπές του (όπως παλιά μόνο που δεν υπάρχουν κασσέτες) στο
μικρόφωνο του Viva 88,3!!!

Guest Dj’s

The past years many talented Dj’s have visited Calderas’ Decks. These are:

Cj-Jeff, Michalis Safras, Thodoris Triantafillou, JuniorPappa, Detlef, Antonio, Skinny, Paul Anthonee, Steve Kis, Chris Madem, GeorgeR, George Tsilipakos, Dimitris & Lazarus Kitsas and many more.